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Fri Apr 9 08:40:15 PDT 1999

> Alcohol for one and all (Brief overview of different styles w/ hypocras
>   made in class - 1 hour - Pug)
> Basic brewing (Brief overview of different styles - 1 hour - Tadhg)
> Basic Brewing hands on (2 hours - Tadhg)
> Beginning Beers and Ales (? hours - Petruccio

I have a terminology question.  When y'all say brewing, do you mean beer, 
or do you mean adding yeast to create alcohol?  I say vintning to mean 
wine, but I say brewing to mean everything.  (I know, I'm sloppy.)

> I'll see if I can get a few people to sign up for classes on more styles
> and topics.
> Hey Liu Jin, wanna do your Digby mead class?
> Magdelena, weren't you gonna do an herbs in meads/wine class?

Yep.  See my other post.  ;>

> Cordials. I don't know anyone doing Vinegars.

I do cordials and herbed vinegars.  If you can't get a teacher, I'll 
volunteer to do a Basic Cordials class.  Last resort though.  ;>  I'm 
moving and starting grad school between then and now, you know.

-Magdalena the insane...

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