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<< Oxlade, wanna do a class on your research you did for Gulf War? >>

Yes, I'd be glad to.  

Pug has already had the chance to peruse the paper.  For the rest of you, 
it's a paper that presents a redaction and recreation of three beers made by 
tripple mashing as presented by Gervase Markham as a "March beer" in his 1615 
book "The English Housewife."  I would title a session based on this paper as 
"peroid all-grain beer brewing."

Here is an outline of what that paper contains (taken from the table of 
contents of the paper):

1:  Brief Background on medieval brewing in England 			(Page 
2:  Brewing Materials							(Page 
3:  The Malting Process							(Page 
	This section describes medieval malting techniques and practices, and 
their Modern equivalents.
4:  The beer making process						(Page 
	This section describes, compares, and contrasts modern and medieval 
techniques, practices, and equipment for making beer.  Specifically, topics 
addressed include: mashing, temperature control, sparging, double mashing, 
and period equipment
5:  Recipes									
(Page 14)
	This section discusses medieval recipes, the ingredients used, and 
their modern interpretations.  It includes information on medieval metrology, 
and a discussion on medieval interpretation of modern brewing specifications 
such as bitterness (IBU), color (Lovibond), and alcohol content (Specific 
Gravity.)  It presents and redacts the 1615 Gervase Markham  recipe for the 
three beers presented in this paper, and justifies the materials used to 
recreate this recipe.
6:  Entry and Discussion							
(Page 17)
	This section describes the actual procedures used to create the 
accompanying A&S entry, deviations from the recipe not noted in section 5, 
and brewers notes on the outcome of the effort.
7:  Bibliography								
(Page 22)
	This presents a biographical listing of sources broken down by period 
(primary) references, modern and secondary references, and other research 
papers on the subject.

Of course, I'd embelish some sections and leave out others.  I'd probably 
concentrate more on sections 5&6 (what is period, ect) rather than all the 
background history and stuff.  In addition, I'll probably rework some 
sections, and add others - but you get the basic idea.

One positive effect of the rain-out of gulf wars is that I still have samples 
of the 3 beers to taste :)
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