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Sun Apr 11 07:17:14 PDT 1999

Wow!!  What a schedule!!!  I'm really impressed!  I wouldn't have thougth 
that we could have done as well if we put together a college just on 
brewing!!!  We've even got tentative classes (if we have enough time!!)  This 
makes up for Gulf Wars - they had only 1 mead making class - that was it.  At 
the same time, they had (for all the dancers) about a dozen dance classes.  
Now what we need to do is publicize publicize publicize.  We want to teach 
people other than just ourselves!!!

<< Period All-Grain Beer Brewing (? hours - Oxlade) >>

I'll say it will take 1 hour.

<<I've contacted someone for Cordials, but I don't know when I'll hear
back or if they'll be able to make it.>>

Mercedes is going to move to Tulsa, but is still living in Stillwater (for 
the time being.)  She's on the BVC list.  If your other contact falls through 
 - why don't you see if she would be interested.

<<Damaris, if you wanna do a hands-on, maybe you and Tadhg could share the
kitchen and do them at the same time. Oxlade, do you think the kitchen
is big enough for that?>>

Yes, I believe it would be big enough for two groups -  the stove is quite 
large.  I would be more concerned with how many people you can pack into the 
kitchen.   We should coordinate with Gunhilda to see if anyone else was 
wanting to use the kitchen.  If not, we're home free.  If so, and space might 
become a problem, I could always get someone to help me move my brewery.  (No 
big deal - just need an open bed truck.)  There are plenty of places outside 
(directly adjacent the kitchen/water supply) where it could go.  

Tell you guys what - Tuesday (our regular meeting night) I will make it a 
point to get into the kitchen, look it over, and mentally map out the 
logistics.  I'll post next week with what I think would work.

<<We'll keep it all legit by only making wines/meads and let the individual
deal with the transportation or disposal of the product *if* yeast is
pitched. That way the SCA is not responsible.>>

Until we pitch yeast - we're just making flavored sugar water.  If anyone 
asks, we're going to make koolaid with it :) 

<<Btw, I'm glad to hear there is some samples left from Gulf War Oxlade. 

Something good had to come out if it!!!

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