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btw, if more mead brewing is wanted, Honorable Lord Hamlin de Soleil (sp?) 
Levant lives in our shire, and we could ask him for another mead brewing 

Jean Paul le Pel

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An update for the brewing "track":

Basic Brewing (Brief overview of different alochol styles - 1 hour - Tadhg)
Basic Brewing hands-on (2 hours - Tadhg)
Beginning Beers and Ales (? hours - Petruccio)
Period All-Grain Beer Brewing (? hours - Oxlade)
Weird Herbs in Medieval Brewing and Vintning (? hours - Magdalena)
Period Hypocras making (1 hour - Pug)
Round Table (1 hour - Everyone)

Depending on schedules, We have tenative classes for:

Mead - Damaris
Wine - Modius

I've contacted someone for Cordials, but I don't know when I'll hear
back or if they'll be able to make it.

Damaris, if you wanna do a hands-on, maybe you and Tadhg could share the
kitchen and do them at the same time. Oxlade, do you think the kitchen
is big enough for that?

We'll keep it all legit by only making wines/meads and let the individual
deal with the transportation or disposal of the product *if* yeast is
pitched. That way the SCA is not responsible. (I just *love* Oklahoma
laws. *sigh*)

Anyone else? Anyone from the West?

Everyone make sure to get their information in to Mistress Gunnhilda at
Miller at If you need to know what she needs, it's:

- Your name and title(s)
- A method to reach you (email or telephone or both)
- The name of the class(es)
- Class length (preferably in 30 minute or 1 hour blocks)
- Any special requirements (if you need tables, electrical outlets, or
  will be asking students to pay for supplies, etc)
- Any other information that you think I should know about (class  size
  limits, etc)...

Btw, I'm glad to hear there is some samples left from Gulf War Oxlade. 


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