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OxladeMac at (OxladeMac at said something that sounded like:
> << I have a question for all you beer brewers out there.  How long does beer 
> stay good?
> >>
> I don't really know.

A "while". *grin*

> I do know that the taste of beer changes over time - things oxidate and 
> mellow out.

There is another thing that affects the shelf-life besides these. O2
absorbing caps. If you are going to store beer a "long" time, then you
want to make sure to use them.

Personally I use them for all my batches, since I sometimes put cider in
beer bottles. As well, the difference in cost is negligable for the
comfort of knowing that I don't have to worry as much about it going

Now just how long is that? I don't honestly know but I'll look around to
see if I can find any references.


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