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OxladeMac at (OxladeMac at said something that sounded like:
> This 
> makes up for Gulf Wars - they had only 1 mead making class - that was it.

That is sad. Each King's College I've been to in this Kingdom has had
more than that. Of course this is the most we've had a King's College,
but we've never tried to actually pull this off before.

I'd like to thank Tadhg for suggesting it as a first step. (I just hope he
teaches or at least gives out his small mead recipe in the class. It got
outstanding comments at Candlemas and it wasn't even in the competition.)

> At 
> the same time, they had (for all the dancers) about a dozen dance classes.  
> Now what we need to do is publicize publicize publicize.  We want to teach 
> people other than just ourselves!!!

We do? Oh! Okay. Be that way.

I'd planned on sending a little Notes & Challenge or an actual ad to the
Blackstar. (Considering the cost difference, I'll probably make it a
half-page ad.)

Anyone wishing to tout their own class should feel free (and encouragd)
to do some of their own promotion. I'm just planning on advertising a
brewing track with many different topics by many different instructors.

NOTE: If you are going to get it into the June BlackStar, you have to
      have it in by the end of this month to the Kingdom Chronicler.

> Mercedes is going to move to Tulsa, but is still living in Stillwater (for 
> the time being.)  She's on the BVC list.  If your other contact falls through 
>  - why don't you see if she would be interested.

What do you say Mercedes? If the first person I asked falls through,
would you be willing to teach a cordial class?

I unfortunately didn't even think about you when I made my first
request. I apologize for that.

> Yes, I believe it would be big enough for two groups -  the stove is quite 
> large.  I would be more concerned with how many people you can pack into the 
> kitchen.  

That certainly can be a problem. This would definately have to be a
limited class if done inside or not though. Hands-on brewing.

> We should coordinate with Gunhilda to see if anyone else was 
> wanting to use the kitchen.  If not, we're home free.

Well I'm sure there are. It will probably be more of when can we get in
there ourselves.

> If so, and space might 
> become a problem, I could always get someone to help me move my brewery.


> I'll post next week with what I think would work.

Thanks a lot for this!

Btw, are we missing any topics that we want to make sure we cover?

We have:
  Period All-grain
  Period Hypocras
  Herbs in brewing/vintning
  Meads (tenative)
  Wines (tenative)
  Cordials (hopefully)

If all goes well that would be 8 hours of classroom and 2 hours of hands-on.
Since classes run from 8 am til 5 pm, that would fill the entire day if
we went through the lunch hour. Of course I don't *think* Mistress Gunhilda
would mind if we used 2 classrooms if we get more classes. The difficult
part then would be us figuring out which classes to put against each


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