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Chuck Graves Chuck.Graves at
Mon Apr 12 07:58:35 PDT 1999

     You folks really got busy on Friday.  There were a couple of questions 
     I'd like to answer, if I may:
     1) The class title should probably be "Introduction to Period 
     Potables" instead of "Basic Brewing".
        -quick overview of several styles
        -some basic terminology
        -basic set of tools
        -basic mechanics for the styles
        -some recipes to get started
        -short Q&A period
     The class is 1 hour, so I tend to hit the high points. It's basically 
     a kick start for people who are a little interested. Hopefully, it 
     would be complementary to full classes on meads or beers.
     2) I would love the chance to share the kitchen with HL Damaris.  The 
     sessions should be complementary since I planned on doing a short 
     mead.  It would also give folks a chance to see a couple of different 
     meads going simultaneously.
     3) "Clove gillyflowers" are good, old-fashioned pink carnations.  Be 
     careful when you go looking for dianthus, also known as "pinks", at 
     the nurseries.  You don't want to use "pinks"; I've been told they are 
     not good for your health.  As for a supply of gillyflowers, you have 
     to wait until they bloom...I have about a dozen plants and the flowers 
     are just now forming.  8^)
     4) A beer is good as long as it's still beer. Although it may be urban 
     legend, I understand the Bass ale they brought up from various 
     shipwrecks was still quite palatable. My imperial stout gets better 
     with age. I've had a couple hide for as long as a always 
     misplace a few things when you move.
     And now for a question:
        Does anybody here know about gruit?
     For what it's worth, I've seen more energy from this group in the last 
     few days than I saw in Atlantia in as many years. I'm so glad I'm back 
     home. 8^)

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