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Mon Apr 12 08:26:28 PDT 1999

>     3) "Clove gillyflowers" are good, old-fashioned pink carnations.  Be
>     careful when you go looking for dianthus, also known as "pinks", at
>     the nurseries.  You don't want to use "pinks"; I've been told they are
>     not good for your health.  As for a supply of gillyflowers, you have
>     to wait until they bloom...I have about a dozen plants and the flowers
>     are just now forming.  8^)

	Actually, clove gilliflowers are not totally good oldfashioned pink
carnations.  Not that you're wrong.... Only because when I thought of that
I immediately thought of the pink carnations you get in the florists.  If
badgered because I have to dig through piles, I can find the catalog that
sells period gilliflowers and pinks here in the US.. They actually have
several varieties that are traceable back the the 16th and 17th century.
I'm still looking for guild info so I haven't forgotten.  It's just the
piles of paper are threatening to fall over if i even look at them.   All
pinks, sweet williams, carnations et al are edible unless you eat too much
(grin) but if your source is a good one, I'd be interested in hearing what
it is..... I have been told that beer in large quantities is not good for
your health, so I've heard.  (big grin).    The clove gillyflowers has
blooms  slightly smaller than the size of the old half dollar.  Single,
fringed and kinda pepto bismal pink though you can also find them in
various shades of pink.  they have a heavy clove scent.  I know, having
seen them, that Howard's Nursery in Bryn Gwlad sells clove gilliflowers
from time to time.
	If you all are interested I promise to dig through the piles and
find te catalog, the guild notes and the whatever else I have promised...



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