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Mon Apr 12 09:28:43 PDT 1999

Pug Bainter wrote:

> OxladeMac at (OxladeMac at said something that sounded like:
> > Mercedes is going to move to Tulsa, but is still living in Stillwater (for
> > the time being.)  She's on the BVC list.  If your other contact falls through
> >  - why don't you see if she would be interested.
> What do you say Mercedes? If the first person I asked falls through,
> would you be willing to teach a cordial class?
> I unfortunately didn't even think about you when I made my first
> request. I apologize for that.

That's ok Pug - i don't really feel qualified to teach a class - all I do is make
things I think taste good - with little attention (so far) to their periodness. (I
would like to change that in the future.)  I would be willing to share what I've
learned about how to make things, but it wouldn't be documented at all.

Now - about the kitchen - I've done a feast in this kitchen and it really only has
room for about 3 groups to be in it at any one time - I seem to recall that there
are 4 stoves but they butt right up against each other'd have to be
friendly and polite (I know, we're all always friendly and polite :) but we'd have
to be especially so...) but there are 3 (one not so good) fairly distinct counter
top areas that could be used by three different groups as well as a dishwashing
kind of room with lots of stainless steel counters.  It's a nice kitchen.  I
believe Ox is still going to try to get in there tomorrow night to look around - Ox
make sure you arrange this with someone because we don't have our own keys to this
area and there may not be anyone with a key there unless you ask for that.......
I'm thrilled to see this kind of response in the brewing community for this college
- I hope we have this kind of response from the other arts!!!!

Looking forward to meeting more of us!

Minister of A&S
Shire of Mooneshadowe

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