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Mon Apr 12 09:43:41 PDT 1999

Stephanie Rudin (srudin at said something that sounded like:
> That's ok Pug - i don't really feel qualified to teach a class -
> all I do is make things I think taste good - with little attention (so
> far) to their periodness. (I would like to change that in the future.)
> I would be willing to share what I've learned about how to make things,
> but it wouldn't be documented at all.

An eagerness to share and a willingness to stand in front of people is
all that's need. (Now I have to get over the willingness to stand in
front of people. *grin*) This would be a good time to figure out if
things are period or atleast to write them down for others to try.

I'll let you know something as soon as I do. If I don't hear by the end
of the month, I'll assume it's a no.

Btw folks, Oxlade mentioned this in a private email. He'd like to make
the class notes/outlines/etc available to everyone even if they are not
in the class or at the event. What do people think of making these
available on-line? I'm planning on discussing other options in the
roundtable. (Wouldn't some of this make a good first newsletter? *grin*)

> I'm thrilled to see this kind of response in the brewing community
> for this college - I hope we have this kind of response from the other
> arts!!!!

The one that surpises me the most, considering it's Mooneschadowe is the
fact that I don't see any dance classes yet. Hmmmmm.


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