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N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Tue Apr 13 11:18:03 PDT 1999

>As I understand it, it's the plant from which pink carnations are bred.
>But it
>sounds like we are talking about the same plant.  And I'm off to Howard
>tonight.  ;>

If Howard's doesn't carry and the easiest thing to do is just go and look.
I haven't checked this year sionce I'm not gardening.... try Gardens on
38th St.  After you spend most of your money in the gift shop or outside
with the plants, what ever place you didn't start in will take the rest of
your money.   I have bought horn cups, spoons, weird Japanese incense
(green tea) antique roses, saffron bulbs, 9 or 10 kinds of thyme....... you
never know what you will find....



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