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Wed Apr 14 05:35:52 PDT 1999

>     I think Clare and I ended up at the same place.  It's not the big
>     fluffy florist's carnations.  They are smallish, "pepto bismal pink"
>     things. I think they are referred to as "doubles", though.  It's not
>     a single, five-petal flower like the "pinks"; they are slightly more
>     complex (but only slightly), and about the size of a half-dollar.
	Oooooh, you're right.  They are doubles.....
 	THe seed company is Southern Exposure and is from Virgina.  We had
a discussion on this catalog on the Herbalists List.  You can order it
through the e-mail.  The Web address is  I
think this is the one that has all the pinks and dianthus..... I'll keep
looking for mine just to make sure.
>     Clare, do the ones you've seen have rather dark, almost blue leaves?
	Yes, which looks nice with the pink.  I've also seen occaisional
dark red ones that have te same intense scent.

	I'm really interested in what the flavor will be and if the scent
carries over.  I've been making a rose tea concentrate to use in a mead
experiment.  I have some red musks that have a mildly pleasant scent and
some light pink with a milder scent that I'm mixing.  These are antique
roses so I'm really pleased.

BTW, when you brew of make and infusions, teas, or whatever, make sure that
you pinch the white tips off at the base of te petal. With some flowers
that white tip imparts a bitterness that's not always pleasant.

Have you ever experimented with colts foot?


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