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Chuck Graves Chuck.Graves at
Wed Apr 14 06:32:27 PDT 1999

>If Howard's doesn't carry and the easiest thing to do is just go and look. 
>I haven't checked this year sionce I'm not gardening.... try Gardens on 
>38th St.  After you spend most of your money in the gift shop or outside 
>with the plants, what ever place you didn't start in will take the rest of 
>your money.   I have bought horn cups, spoons, weird Japanese incense 
>(green tea) antique roses, saffron bulbs, 9 or 10 kinds of thyme....... 
>you never know what you will find....

     Would either of those folks have eglantine? (species roses) Between 
     the move and summer heat, I lost both of mine last year.

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