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N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Apr 14 07:02:35 PDT 1999

>     Would either of those folks have eglantine? (species roses) Between
>     the move and summer heat, I lost both of mine last year.
	I had an eglantine rose until last year.... *sigh*  it too died and
turned brown.  Gardens might have an eglantine as they carry some but it's
not a highly sought after Rose normally.  It blooms only once a year and
while I think the foliage is quite unique, being scented and the flowers
very lovely the disadvantage of blooming only once limits it's appeal to
almost every one but a few rosarians and herbalists/brewers.  I know the
Antique Rose Emporium sells them since that's where I bought mine.  That
place is situated in Independence, Texas just outside of Brenham.  i have
purchased 5 or 6 Roses over the last three to five years from them and all
are doing really well.  (Except for the eglantine).  I'm planning on making
a return trip before the end of summer.  If you can't locate one maybe we
can work out something and I'll pick one up for you.  ARE Has a lot of
types and a wonderful catalog  with color pictures.  the catalog is 5.00
that is deductible from your first order.    I have an old catalog that I
use for reference.....
The roses normally go for 12.95(13.95) something like that.
Traveling roses -- grin


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