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Wed Apr 21 06:03:52 PDT 1999

Yet another update for the brewing "track":

Intro to Period Potables (Brief overview of different alcohol styles -
   1 hour - Tadhg)
Mead (1 hour - Damaris)
Mead hands-on (2 hours - Tadhg & maybe Damaris)
Intro to Beers and Ales (1 hour - Petruccio)
Period All-Grain Beer Brewing (1 hour - Oxlade)
Cordials (1 hour - Mercedes)
Period Hypocras Making (1 hour - Pug)
Weird Herbs in Medieval Brewing and Vintning (1 hour - Magdalena)
Round Table (1 hour - Everyone)

Still tentative is Wine with Modius.

That gives us 8 (or 9) hours of classroom time with 2 hours of hands-on.

Damaris confirmed she'll be there to teach and I promoted Mercedes from
stand-by to instructor. Btw, I assumed Damaris and Mercedes's classes
were 1 hour until I'm told otherwise. I'm pretty sure that is how long
Damaris's classes were before.

I've organized these in the manner that I think they should be presented
during the day. This would allow for an sensible progression. Anyone
see any problems with that? Basically it'd be Tadhg on at 8 AM and the
Round Table at 5 PM. If there ends up being a break for lunch and/or
Modius does teach, we'll have to figure out what to overlap.

>From the map, I *think* we want to use Room 1 or Room 4, but I can't
really tell. What do you think Oxlade? Do you think Gunnhilda would have
a problem with us locking up an entire room for the day so we can have
the classes sequential? Btw, that would give us a maximum class size of
28 or 15 respectively. The benefit of Room 1 is that it is close to the
outside and/or Kitchen area for the hands-on section. From previous
King's Colleges, I'm betting classes are closer to the max size of 15

Damaris, since you wanted to do a hands-on sometime, Tadhg would like
to share the kitchen and do them at the same time. This would allow a
standard mead and a short mead to be done side-by-side.

Oxlade, did you find out if the kitchen is big enough for that or do we
want to do it outside? I could probably manage to bring an after-burner
cooker and propane tank if we want to do that.

Mercedes, I'd start thinking about class material. *grin*

Hmmm. I guess I better get mine ready as well.

Btw, I checked the schedule this morning to see if there were any other
brewing related classes and there still aren't any others. The webpage
was updated yesterday.

The round table has current topics of:

1) Teaching track "template" and general thoughts about teaching
2) Possible newsletter
3) Possible annual competition


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