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Christina magdlena at
Wed Apr 21 06:17:07 PDT 1999

> I've organized these in the manner that I think they should be presented
> during the day. This would allow for an sensible progression. Anyone
> see any problems with that?

I do.  I agree, it's a sensible progression, but I need a time slot between about
1 and 3.  I'm going to have mead out for tasting, and I don't want to risk anyone
going home tiddly.  It should only be about 1-3%, but I'm still not willing to
risk it.  4 to 5 is a little late in the afternoon.  I already asked for a slot
shortly after lunch, but well before people start going home.

>  Btw, that would give us a maximum class size of
> 28 or 15 respectively. The benefit of Room 1 is that it is close to the
> outside and/or Kitchen area for the hands-on section. From previous
> King's Colleges, I'm betting classes are closer to the max size of 15
> though.

As in, only 15 people will show up regardless?  Mercedes and Damaris may catch a
few more, but my vote would be the smaller room closer to the hands-on.


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