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Damaris Of Greenhill damaris at
Wed Apr 21 07:03:46 PDT 1999

There was a question about gruits on the list some time back.  I thought I
would share some of what I found on it.  

First of all I made a batch of Rosemary Pale Ale using rosemary as the
principle bittering agent.  It was an "interesting" beer to say the least.
I didn't like the taste of it that much.  Imagine a fermented malt and
water mixture flavored with rosemary.  To my pallet it was 'yicch'.  

I showed this at LPT as an experiment and got some very useful comments
from Master Petrucchio.  He said that hops, stimulate all aspects of the
pallet; sweet, sour, bitter, and salt.  The herbs that were used in
England before hops came into use were parsely, sage, rosemary, and thyme.
<bursts into song> (remember me to one who lives the....ere.....she once
was a true love of mine)  Okay, well that's where the line in the song
comes from.  These herbs stimulate all of the pallet.  I have no
documentation for this other than "Master Petrucchio said so".  But I bet
he knows where it is.


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