BVC - Gruit Question

N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Apr 21 07:35:09 PDT 1999

>If there is a great interest in brewing with gruits, I'll start digging up
>everything I have in my
>resources for folks.   It would be interesting to actually brew a beer that
>appeals the the
>modern palate while using medieval gruit herbs.
>Sound interesting to anyone but Damaris?  If so, I'll post the information
>here instead of
 	I'm interested.  It'd be good to try some new stuff with herbs
(grin)  I can start looking through my stuff about herbs and spices and see
what I come up with.  I have a very odd little herbal that has a chapter on
herb beers plus a Welsh herbal as well that I think talks about using
herbal beers for healing.   It's a godd excuse since I'm trying toget a
grip on the random stray papers that exist everywhere........

Public please.


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