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N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Apr 21 07:50:26 PDT 1999

>This strikes me as terribly wrong minded.
>A real drunk will have their own booze and time of day is irrelevant.
>In all my years I have never seen some one just guzzle a tasting sample
>during a class or competition. In fact, I generally only pour a splash in
>at a time because that is all the average person is willing to drink on a
>If you don't trust people to behave responcibly during a class, how can
>you trust them to use the information you are giving them responcibly?
>Even my own mead, which I allow to ferment until completion and is quite
>stiff, takes more that a taste to make some one "tiddly."
	Ummm, not to disagree but I disagree (grin)
	The Brewer's Guild here have a lot of fun when they watch me beer
	I have been known get tidly on three tastes of certain beers,
while I can down several large glasses of ouzo and survive.   I have a
friend who has the same problem with some other types of alcohol.
Sometimes its not the amount but the tyype.  Generally I don't stay tidly
long but enough (Belgian ale is not my friend (grin))



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