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Stephanie Rudin srudin at
Wed Apr 21 09:49:31 PDT 1999

Is there someone named Damon?? who is active in brewing, etc...?  And I have A Sip
Through Time although I've loaned it to someone.  I really haven't read much of it
yet.  I also have a copy of Culpepper's herbal - I know it is OOP but could I use
that for the herbal medicinal kinds of things?

Tadgh - Do you have anything documentation wise for cordials you would be willing to


Pug Bainter wrote:

> > One gentleman told me that he had documentation for
> > cordials in period and gave me his e-mail address which I promptly lost.
> Well I know I've seen some documentation, even without distilling, in _A
> Sip Through Time_ which is just a collection of recipes from other books.
> Many people just document similar recipes and note the substitution of
> alcohol for the distillation process.
> > It seems like his name started with a D? maybe.
> Well I'm pretty sure I've seen Tadhg and Sosha have documenation for it.
> I'm not sure if it may not have been Damaris instead of Sosha since they
> were next to each other at Gulf War A&S. (If so, I'm sorry Damaris!) I
> *think* Zarcon of Lizardkeep said he had something at LPT.

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