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Wed Apr 21 10:01:17 PDT 1999

On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, N.D. Wederstrandt wrote:

> >stiff, takes more that a taste to make some one "tiddly."

> 	Ummm, not to disagree but I disagree (grin)
> 	The Brewer's Guild here have a lot of fun when they watch me beer
> taste.
> 	I have been known get tidly on three tastes of certain beers,
> while I can down several large glasses of ouzo and survive.   I have a
> friend who has the same problem with some other types of alcohol.
> Sometimes its not the amount but the tyype.  Generally I don't stay tidly
> long but enough (Belgian ale is not my friend (grin))

Alcohol is alcohol is alcohol. It burns off about 1 oz 80 proof per hour
and it doesn't matter if it is beer, mead, wine, whiskey or whisky, it is
still alcohol.

The factors are the body weight of the person, how much is in the stomach,
how much was consumed and how quickly. It has been studied to death. You
only think you are surviving "several large glasses of ouzo."


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