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All this aside, we can't LEGALLY have alcohol on the site... even for 
tasting.  I know that we can teach breweing, we can prepare the stuff, but 
we really shouldn't be bringing already brewed alcohol on the site.  I know 
that everyone (including myself) would love to share some of our newest 
creations, but we probably should not create a situation where the SCA and 
Mooneschadowe could get in trouble.

Jean Paul

Carl Chipman
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Nomadics, Inc.

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Collectively Unconscious (swarm at said something that 
sounded like:
> Alcohol is alcohol is alcohol. It burns off about 1 oz 80 proof per hour
> and it doesn't matter if it is beer, mead, wine, whiskey or whisky, it is
> still alcohol.

Although you are correct in this, there are other factors that sometimes
go into it. Besides pyschological factors, people react differently to
different chemicals (either by-products or ingredients) in different

This is of course from someone who is not a chemist, biologist or any
other kind of scientest. I do however know that I am affected
differently by different types of alcohol.


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