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Stephanie Rudin srudin at
Wed Apr 21 11:25:52 PDT 1999

Thanks Magdalena - I just mix them til they taste good to me.  I fear I am doomed to
forever be dissatisfied with them because they are not as good as I think they should be.
I want them to have a much higher viscosity level than they have but I refuse to add
glycerine to get them that way.  I'm rambling - I look forward to seeing whatever you can
give me and I'll look for a copy of Gerard's.  Thanks!!

Christina wrote:

> Mercedes,
> I have some cordial documentation somewhere that I will dig out and post to the list
> when I find it.  (It may be a couple of days...)  Mostly you will find that period
> cordials were used for medicinal purposes. They were made mostly by soaking whatever in
> wine and then distilling it, but there are also recipes using brandy instead.  BTW,
> Culpepper is OOP, try Gerard's Herbal.  Culpepper is great, and works as an oop
> secondary source.
> I loved your cordials.  I'm looking forward to taking your class if I can.
> -Magdalena
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