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Christina magdlena at
Wed Apr 21 13:26:50 PDT 1999

> If you don't trust people to behave responcibly during a class, how can
> you trust them to use the information you are giving them responcibly?

I do trust the people in my class.  ;>  However, the point to the class is what the
herbs/spices/fruits used in period look like both sitting on the table and in a
fermented drink, taste like in booze, and what kind of aroma you get from them.  Gods
willing, there are going to be a whole lot of samples.  Now, I get tiddly at guild
tastings every time.  I don't get drunk, but just a few sips of this, that, and the
other make me feel very merry.  I will not countenance that happening right before
every one goes home.  (including me...)


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