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N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Apr 21 13:31:26 PDT 1999

>> 	The unfortunate thing is that over research takes the fun out of
>> trying alcohol....
>> Believe it or not too much research can be a bad thing.... (really)
>It can certainly take the ingorance and danger out. Other than that, how
>does caring about yourself and you art reduce the fun you have with it?
	Actually, don't take me seriously.... i was poking fun at myself.
I tend to forget to eat when researching and will drive people slightly
nuts  doing research (Ask Pug and tuhtahl).  So I imagine I will wander off
and start reading up on alcohol, the chemical types....

when I ran the still I was protected in that the owner was an Organic
Chemist and knew what to do.......... But it really is a poison at times.


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