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<< If there is a great interest in brewing with gruits, I'll start digging up
 everything I have in my
 resources for folks.   It would be interesting to actually brew a beer that
 appeals the the
 modern palate while using medieval gruit herbs.
 Sound interesting to anyone but Damaris?  If so, I'll post the information
 here instead of

Yes, Yes, I am interrested!  I haven't done a tremendous amount of research 
on gruit, but I have been interrested in trying them out.  To that end, I am 
growing some rosemary in my back yard, and I have found an on-line source for 
yarrow.  The other typical ingredient (as I've read) was bog myrtle.  I 
haven't found any of that yet - perhaps it has to do with the fact that it is 
toxic.  I'd love to dig into recipies for it.

Post away!!


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