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On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, N.D. Wederstrandt wrote:

> when I ran the still I was protected in that the owner was an Organic
> Chemist and knew what to do.......... But it really is a poison at times.

Actually, most chemists only know part of what to do. Distilled spirits
are distilled "incorrectly" from the strick refining sense, which is why
they have color, taste and only about 80 proof. The one thing I always
like to banty about when this topic arrises is always use good must, wine
or whatever. If something has gone bad, distilling just concentrates what
is bad in it and that can be toxic. 

IMHO, it is far better to make a jack. Mead jack in particular is Mmmm

For those unfamiliar with the process...

Set your freezer to where it is just cold enough to slush your mead and
turn off the defrost if possible.

Place mead in bucket and let it slush (slower is best).

Drain through cheese cloth or equiv. mesh.

This can be repeated once or twice but there is a point of deminishing

This is a quite pleasant way to fortify a batch that may be a bit weak or
thin flavored.


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