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Thu Apr 22 11:21:41 PDT 1999

>At 12:06 PM 4/22/99 -0500, you wrote:

>>Other herbs: helenium, wormwood, betony, march, and ontre (radish) were
>>then to be added.
>Isn't betony poisonous in quantity?  I'm definately not conversant in herb,
>but I thought that betony was one of those modern no-no's.   I'd hate for
>us to poison our friends with an experiment.
	My view on herbs... (the little herbalist soapbox)  There exist bad
herbs in the world like aconite,  and there exists herbs that people say be
careful.  I always view the theory that any herb in large doses is toxic to
someone some where. (example, chamomile which is not good for pregnant
women)  Betony is not bad.  Wormwood is worse.  March I haven't looked up
yet but will.  When I get home I will run these through the books and
report.  Or if I get a chance I will go on the Web and look them up.  I
will also post the web pages so there do - able for others.....

Your fine, Petruccio. I really don't advise putting soemthing in brewing
that you don't know about.  Geez, they used to take mercury
internally...... (speedy relief)



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