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At 02:18 PM 4/22/99 -0500, you wrote:
> want it dried?   I can get that for you...
>Plants may be harder but I can get that as well..........
>i will be in Dallas, the 7,8, and 9th of May so can intercept with you.....

I'll take it any way I can get it baby..........

Dried would be best right off the bat, since that is what I use to brew
with.  Plants would be wonderful, but not absolutely necessary.  A good
sized zip lock bag full would be great (careful it looks an awful lot like
pot).  Stevia's the prime ingredient in "Petruccio's Horny Mead"  :)

For the infusion into the mead I use the dried and brew it in a tea with
some other herbs.  I originally started using it because it would add a
residual sweetness to counteract the slight bite of a sparkling mead.  I
originally called it a "blush mead" since the mixture of herbs tended to
add a rose' color to the mead.  It was brought to my attention the day
after our household meeting (which I rolled it out for the first time) that
it had a liberalizing influence over the femine members of the
Household--much to the pleasant surprise of their husbands.  Hence, they
guys dubbed it "Horny Mead" and were willing swap just about anything for a
bottle.    The effects seemed to be proven out at the next Estrella War to
which I brough ten gallons.

Evidently, it was discovered by botanist in a plant finding trip to South
America.  They were interested in it as a sweetening agent for diabetics.
Since it had neither the aftertaste of saccharin or the side effects of
cyclamates they brought it back for research.  The researchers dismissed
the oral lore of the native indians who said they used the plant as an
aphrodisiac.  Monsanto decided that this could possibly cut into their
commercial sweetener market and lodged a protest with the FDA that this
plant had pharmacological properties and should be regulated.  I understand
that after a couple years of testing the FDA released it for consumer use
finding no basis for any behavioral modification properties.

All I know is that it's a great sweetner without adding addition sugars to
be fermented, and guys are really happy when their wives/girlfriends drink
it.  Who am I to argue with the FDA?


p.s.    Yes, I will make lots so everyone can run their own subjective
judgments on stevia's properties.

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