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Thu Apr 22 13:19:27 PDT 1999

N.D. Wederstrandt (nweders at said something that sounded like:
> Seriously, I have read about the aphrodisiac qualities of it.  I think the
> herb store I frequent may have it still.  If not,  tuhtahl is right and
> I'll dig up the web site info on it...... 

I've got it bookmarked since I'm gonna order hops from them.

They have stevia plants for sale for $4.00.


STEVIA: A very tender tropical perennial whose leaves are 250 times sweeter
        than sugar and without sugar's calories. From Brazil and Paraguay,
        it is used traditionally for hypoglycemia and as a digestive aid. The
        powdered leaves are used culinarily. Very difficult to grow.

> when next you are down this way,
> Petruccio, I'll pull you out to the herb store I go to and it's next to a
> weaving shop Ronna's like (grin).  I like corrupting friends........

Corrupting? How can you corrupt those that go willingly?


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