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Good Morning,

  This was forwarded to me and I felt I should forward it to you. Please
  read it carefully.

  I will be sending a letter to the Exchequer and Executive Assistant
  regarding the newsletter issue since they are talking about a very
  fine line on what is and what isn't appropriate. It will be
  unenforceable and thus a useless guideline.


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May 28, 1999

Greetings to the Exchequers and Brewers of the Known World, from the
Society Chancellor of the Exchequer,

My Lords and Ladies,

During our recent Kingdom Seneschals and Exchequers Symposium, we had
a very informative session with the Executive Assistant to the Board,
Andrew Smith (aka Duke Andrew of Riga).  Unfortunately, the information
he had to give us will probably not sit well with many of you.

Due to restrictions in our current insurance policies, funds currently
held in SCA accounts in the name of local Brewer's Guilds may not be used
to manufacture alcohol, including the purchase of materials to do so.
You are probably already aware that SCA funds can not be used to purchase
alcohol (except as a cooking ingredient) as this was sent out as a notice
from the Board of Directors over a year ago.  Further discussion with
Andrew also revealed that local brewer's newsletters are putting us in
insurance peril if they focus on redacting recipes or publishing new
recipes developed by members of the guild.

Therefore, if your group currently holds funds for your local brewer's
guild, please consult with the members of the guild to decide how to
dispose of the funds.  You must dispose of these funds in a manner
fitting the SCA's nonprofit status.  Funds may not be distributed
to non-SCA accounts, as they were raised in the name of the SCA.
However, they may be used for other purposes such as subsidizing a
local event or feast, or a brewer's newsletter as long as the focus of
that newsletter is educational and/or scholarly research of alcohol in
period use.  Recipes are acceptable as long as they are period recipes.
In other words, "This is what they actually did ..." as opposed to "Here's
a great recipe you should try."

The raising of future funds by the brewer's guilds should not be
encouraged.  Any fund raising must be done as individuals for individuals
by individuals.  The SCA will not be involved in any fundraising for the
brewer's guild, either directly or indirectly.  Money raised should NOT
be deposited into an SCA account, and donations by check or money order
should be made to the person organizing the fundraising or any other
person in charge of the effort - NOT to the SCA, Inc.  Money raised is
not tax deductible by the donor as it is not being donated to the SCA.
If you have any questions on this matter, please feel free to contact
me, or the Executive Assistant at EA at

			Yours in Service to the Society,

			Tetchubah of Greenlake
			Society Chancellor of the Exchequer

Cc:	Board of Directors
	Corporate Treasurer
	Executive Assistant
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