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Chuck Graves Chuck.Graves at
Thu Jun 10 06:45:39 PDT 1999

>Good Morning,
  >This was forwarded to me and I felt I should forward it to you. Please 
  >read it carefully.
  >I will be sending a letter to the Exchequer and Executive Assistant 
  >regarding the newsletter issue since they are talking about a very 
  >fine line on what is and what isn't appropriate. It will be 
  >unenforceable and thus a useless guideline.
     <remainder cut--Hacked--SHREDDED>
     I take it we have a new topic for the Round Table. Can I assume that 
     we can get Burke on the spit...I mean to the discussion?
     Also, Pug, could you forward your letter when it is finished? 
     Privately, if you prefer. I know mine is going together right after I 
     finish this.
     I am afraid the next step will be to try to shut down classes like 
     ours at King's College. THAT would be too close to 1st Amendment 
     infringement for my tastes.
     And all this in the name of insurance. Sounds like too many [hack, 
     spit] lawyers are involved again.

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