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Thu Jun 10 08:54:16 PDT 1999

damaris at (damaris at said something that sounded like:
> >      I take it we have a new topic for the Round Table. Can I assume that 
> >      we can get Burke on the spit...I mean to the discussion?

Well Burke isn't the direct one to get on the spit. This is coming from
the Treasurer's office.

> >      Also, Pug, could you forward your letter when it is finished? 

I will, but it may not happen before this weekend due to my work load.

> >      I am afraid the next step will be to try to shut down classes like 
> >      ours at King's College.

It certainly is the logical next step. Unless of course it is purely
educational and has no modern equipment, ingredients, etc. (I can't
believe they are trying to do that.)

> Well, does this mean our class is off????

The classes are not off as far as I know.

Btw, so everyone knows. It was already against the regulations for any
SCA funds for the purchase of alcohol and the ingredients/equipment to
make it. They are starting to extend this into the realm of idiocy


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