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Thu Jun 10 09:40:11 PDT 1999

>> >      I take it we have a new topic for the Round Table. Can I assume that 
>> >      we can get Burke on the spit...I mean to the discussion?
>Well Burke isn't the direct one to get on the spit. This is coming from 
>the Treasurer's office.

No, but the message came from a joint meeting of the Exchequers and 
Seneschals.  Historically, Burke has insinuated himself into such 
dealings...never for the continued welfare of brewing, believe me.  
Remember, dear seneschal, yours is the job of chief enforcer of policy 
and all things legalistic.
>> >      I am afraid the next step will be to try to shut down classes like 
>> >      ours at King's College.
>It certainly is the logical next step. Unless of course it is purely 
>educational and has no modern equipment, ingredients, etc. (I can't 
>believe they are trying to do that.)

They may be tempted.  At least, so long as we say nothing.  Remember, 
evil is done when good folks remain quiet.  (hint, HINT!)
>> Well, does this mean our class is off????
>The classes are not off as far as I know.
I'm with Pug.  We haven't received an order to cease and desist.  And 
I'm not sure anyone in this organization has the stones to wantonly 
tread on the First Amendment.

Besides, the message itself did not say ANYTHING about teaching.  It 
dealt solely with what SCA funds could be used for.  The fact that they 
have stepped too far afield in their interpretation will simply need to 
be remedied.

Insurance arguments be damned.  No such company will refuse to insure 
us because we are teaching folks how to brew.  None of the material is 
proscribed.  If YOU were an insurance carrier, would you care more 
about teaching people how to brew or people bashing each other with 
blunt objects?  Seems an easy choice to me.  Christ, they're acting as 
though we were trying to teach the construction of nuclear devices.

>Btw, so everyone knows. It was already against the regulations for any 
>SCA funds for the purchase of alcohol and the ingredients/equipment to 
>make it. They are starting to extend this into the realm of idiocy 

Idiocy.  Pug, you DO have a flair for understatement.  8^)


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