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<< Further discussion with
 Andrew also revealed that local brewer's newsletters are putting us in
 insurance peril if they focus on redacting recipes or publishing new
 recipes developed by members of the guild. >>

You must be joking!  Let's see, I'm going to research a recipe, go thorough 
all the hard work of converting medieval measures to modern ones, and figure 
out what all the appropriate ingredient substitutions are, and I can't 
publish this because it is some sort of insurance risk?  Well, I guess I'll 
go back to publishing how to make torcher chambers, crossbows, catapults, and 
executioner's swords!

I have to agree with Tadhg - what sane person could possibly think that 
scholarly works on brewing (or even non-scholarly works) present more of a 
threat to the society than, say, Gulf Wars.  It's not like we're discussing 
how to do something illegal like distilling.  

As for King's college, I see no problem with what we are doing - even the 
hands-on labs.  No SCA funds are involved.  All handouts are (probably) paid 
for by the instuctors (unless they request a fee from participants.)  Tasting 
sessions might get a little dicey, but we aren't doing anything illegal (at 
least in most states.  It's legal in Oklahoma as long as its wine - just get 
the ABLE permit.)  

And as for SCA funds not being used for news letters - looks like all the 
more reason to have an on-line newsletter.  We'll find another on-line host 
if we have to.  If we have to quit the BVC list, we can all migrate to the 
historical brewer's list.  (God, won't Greg Lindahl hate us!)  If we can't 
have homebrew at events, we'll, we'll.....  Oh, I don't want to think about 

Has anyone thought to drop a line to the American Homebrewer's Association 
about this?  You know how they have that campaign to get brewing legalized in 
all 50 states?  I bet they've got some "hired guns" that could be used to put 
together a persuasive case for the society's lawyers.

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