BVC - [MK-BnV] BNV controversy (fwd)

Chuck Graves Chuck.Graves at
Fri Jun 11 11:10:55 PDT 1999

     Greetings, Mistress Siobhan.
     Our thanks for your efforts.  I am sure in the next few days you will 
     be hearing from other Ansteorrans, as well.
     Although the matter still appears to be rather open, my immediate 
     concerns have been somewhat assuaged.  Apparently, the BoD does not AS 
     YET intend to interfere in teaching endeavors (theoretical or 
     However, the spectre of censorship remains.  The implication is to 
     develop guidelines for what is "appropriate" for publication in a 
     brewing newsletter.  Of course, no mention is made of establishing the 
     same guidelines for any other area.  No matter how you candy-coat it, 
     THAT is censorship.  Morgan's words are simply eerie:
       >I think that the SCA is entitled to limit the contents of newsletters...
     I have one other question.  In the past, I have produced small mead 
     for various events (about 2% alcohol).  I buy the materials, I produce 
     the beverage, I transport it, and I distribute it.  Frankly, I assume 
     all responsibility for the mead from cradle to grave.   Morgan's 
     letter seems to imply that this may no longer be allowed.  
     In these instances, I do keep the keg in the hall...and most of it is 
     consumed at or after the feast.  However, the mead is MINE...and I 
     have been very careful lately to CLEARLY mark it so that individuals 
     know what it is, whose it is, how potent it is, and what ingredients 
     were used.  While I do not have comparable status, is this practice 
     equivalent to the example of "the King invites everybody to his camp 
     for a kegger"?
     Regarding alcoholic gifts to the Crown, it sounds like official SCA 
     groups cannot do it anymore.  And all "personal" presentations will 
     need to be kept out of Court.  Such things simply need to be handled 
     privately in the future.
     Please let us know of any news regarding competitions.  I would think 
     that as long as the prizes for the brewing competitions were not other 
     potent potables, we would be fine.  Could you check on the fine line 
     interpretation regarding gifts or prizes of malt or honey?
     I wonder, how much more would it cost to get a different insurance 
     carrier WITHOUT these specific proscriptions?
     Ld. Tadhg macAedain uiChonchobhair
     Barony of Namron, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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