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Fri Jun 11 13:36:50 PDT 1999

Good Morning,

  I am sure you have had more than enough irate people writing to you
  regarding this particular topic. I am not irate. I am disappointed
  and hope to encourage you to rethink an issue that I do not think is
  going to work.

  I have read both the report from the Exchequer's office as well as
  missives from Duke Andrew. While I am definitely much less concerned
  now, I still wish to voice concern.

  Before I get started, I agree that we should make all attempts of our
  educational process to be historically oriented. However that does not
  mean that I think the Corporation should try to enforce this through
  Corporate policy and regulation. Self-policing does work.

  I also agree that SCA money should not be used to purchase supplies or
  equipment for local brewers. I feel that it is up to them to support
  their own habit and that the money has no need to go through a
  Corporate bank account.

  It appears that due to the SCA's insurance limitation on alcohol, the
  Corporation is trying to put a definition to the term "manufacture"
  with regards to recipes and publications. This definition is not only
  unenforceable, but it should not even try to be enforced or regulated
  by the Corporation for something that is not "manufacture" of alcohol
  and thus does not cause any harm to the insurance policy.

  The original letter from the Society Chancellor of the Exchequer
  states that only accurate period descriptions are allowed. This would
  mean that redactions and "modernifications" would not be allowed.

  It appears from latter missives that reprinting and possibly redactions
  of period recipes are safe within the new confines. Unfortunately
  original recipes, even in a period style, are not. As well, if someone
  were to post in a format such as has been suggested, there is nothing
  to keep someone from putting a modern recipe in the article.

  As well, since publications and newsletters are not defined, it means
  that it affects *every* local newsletter within the Society. Not only
  that, but it might possibly extended even further than that given the
  desire. The policing of this policy is unattainable and thus shouldn't
  even be considered.

  Besides, where will this definition stop? Will it include the teaching
  of classes at SCA events where SCA money is used to furnish the site?
  Before you easily blow that off as non-sensical, please note that no
  where in any of the letters does it state the amount or percentage of
  the SCA money that is involved.

  I am a brewer within the Society. I am also an Officer within the
  Society. Please do not require us to try to enforce an unenforceable
  restriction because of the misapplication of an insurance policy.

  I wish you patience and wisdom in your decision.

In Service,

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  Note: The views do not reflect the SCA nor the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
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