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Pat St. Jean stjeanp at
Sun Jun 13 07:42:05 PDT 1999

  I've been half following this thread, because I just got back from a
2000 mile motorcycle trip, so forgive me if I've missed something.
  It seems to me that some of these rules are board based and some of
them are related to the not-for-profit status.
  Simply put, the SCA doesn't want (for whatever reason) SCA funds used
to promote alcohol.  No big deal.  I'm sure someone on this list is
friends with a CPA or an attorney.  Have them administer the accout and
make sure that no SCA disbursements end up in it.  If you can't find
anyone, I'll talk to my folks, they're both CPAs here in Houston.
  If I've missed anything, please fill me in on it! :)


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