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Mon Jun 14 06:31:51 PDT 1999

Pat St. Jean (stjeanp at said something that sounded like:
>   It seems to me that some of these rules are board based and some of
> them are related to the not-for-profit status.

Actually they are all based on what is thought to be an insurance issue.

The current problem is that we can not publish in newsletters our research.
This is based on the "manufacture" clause in our insurance policy. It is
thought that modern recipes and redaction of period recipes are against
the rules.

It depends on who you talk to on how far this goes. Personally I'd
rather have people publishing safe redactions of recipes instead of what
they really did in period. Some of those ingredients aren't exactly safe
for human consumption with today's standards.

Yes, we can still do things, but we can not share easily with other SCA
people what our findings are. Given the desire, we will not be able to
teach at SCA events because of this clause.

Supposedly lawyers are looking into the issue. Why they are doing it
instead of insurance agents, I have no clue.


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