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Please note that this is *not* from the Executive Assistant or the
Society Exchequer. Until notice comes from them, this is just someone's
opinion of what is going to happen.

I am led to believe that these are close to reality by other individuals
as well though. We should have something official shortly.

My only remaining question is what is an "SCA entity" since groups are
allowed to have parties as long as no SCA funds are used.

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I have had some significant communications with the SCA's Executive
Assistant, Duke Andrew of Riga, who has also been communicating with
another SCA member who is a corporate attorney in California.  Apparently
our information has matched up well enough that the policy announced after
the Kingdom Seneschals and Exchequers Symposium is being revised.


The prohibition against guild newsletters publishing recipes will be

Gifts of alcoholic beverages will be allowed ONLY from one individual to
another.  Gifts are not to be made from or to groups.

If alcohol is provided or served at an "official" or group party, it may
not be purchased with group funds, and all federal, state, local, and site
laws, rules, and regulations must be complied with, including age
restrictions, licensing requirements, and dryness of site.

B&V competitions will be allowed as long as all federal, state, local, and
site laws, rules, and regulations must be complied with.

Guilds will not be required to divest their funds.  However, these funds
may not be used to purchase supplies or ingredients from which alcoholic
beverages are made.  They may be used to support newsletters, purchase
reference materials, etc.


Group funds to purchase alcoholic beverages or ingredients for same.

Donations of alcohol by or to an SCA entity.

Service of alcohol to underage minors.

Provision of alcohol as part of an official activity (such as King buying
kegs for party he is hosting at the Royal Encampment -- holding a party at
which alcohol, which is donated, happens to be served, is OK as long as all
federal, state, local, and site laws, rules, and regulations are followed).


If you had planned to write a letter, I'm afraid it is no longer necessary.
 I expect that by the time I return from Lillies War, the new announcement
will be circulating.

BTW, I was told by one of the persons present that the proposal was given
to them more as a fair accompli than as a topic for discussion, contrary to
the impression I had been given when first presented with Mistress
Tetchubah's letter and the related information.  I apologize to the Kingdom
Seneschals and Exchequers for this misrepresentation.

And once again, if anybody wishes to circulate this message further, feel

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