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Tue Jun 15 06:51:56 PDT 1999

    Greetings Alaric.

The entire issue of brewers' publications is under review with an
attorney.  Also under review is an officers' responsibility in serving
and/or distributing alcohol.

Steven Harrett, Master Rurik of the Kingdom of Trimaris, who has a Laurel
in brewing, has agreed to act as liaison between me and the various brewers
and brewers' groups within the Known World.  His email address is
rurik at, and I suggest you keep in contact with him.

    Most cordially,

    Andrew Smith
    Duke Andrew of Riga
    Secretary, SCA Inc.

eric mauer wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm sure that by now you have received more then a few irate responses
> on this issue. Let me add my voice in what (I hope) is a rational and
> constructive manner, to ask you to both rephrase and rethink your
> statements on this matter.
> I have read commentary from the Exchequer's office as well as
> responses and clarifications from Duke Andrew. What I have read fills
> me with great concern. I have several major issues, which I'll outline
> below.
> Before I start, let me say that I agree that SCA money should not be
> used to purchase supplies for local brewers. Although I think that
> effectively freezing assets of those guilds that were foolish enough to
> have SCA accounts is unkind, I agree that guild monies should be
> completely separate from the SCA, and feel that this is a reasonable
> policy to avoid both potential liability and misuse of SCA funds.
> This does, however, leave some significant issues.
> First, it appears that due to the SCA's insurance policy, the Board is
> trying to put a definition to the term "manufacture" that includes
> publications. Even after subsequent clarification, this definition is
> so subjective as to be unenforceable. Publication of recipes, even
> modern ones, is not by any stretch "manufacture" of alcohol. There can
> be no justification for such a restriction based on harm to the
> insurance policy. Although I agree that, in keeping with the
> educational purposes of our organization, publications should focus
> on re-creation of period art forms, I don't think it's the Board's
> place to exclusively regulate a single art form, especially in the
> guise of insurance policy issues.
> Secondly, using the same logic applied to publications, it appears
> that the Board could arbitrarily ban brewers from teaching, competing
> in arts competitions, and otherwise participating on arts and sciences
> venues. As a group, we have enough trouble with mundane regulation. I
> am concerned that the Board seems to be choosing to add the weight of
> its bureaucracy to the formidable obstacles we face. In my opinion, if
> it is in fact the case that the unreasonable definitions are at the
> assistance of our insurance company, then it's time to find a
> competitive company that better fits the organizations needs.
> Finally, one of Duke Andrew's responses raises a grave concern about
> my participation as an officer in the Society. I chose to serve the
> alcohol I produce to friends, many of whom are members of the Society,
> sometimes at Society events. I do so as a private individual. I would
> like to think I do so responsibly. However, if by doing so I am, as he
> states, putting the SCA's insurance at risk, then I need to resign as a
> officer. I would think that a blanket policy that any officers of the
> Society who chose to serve alcohol do so as private individuals and
> assume all responsibility would be sufficient for the insurance
> company, while allowing those of us who chose to do so to pursue both
> endeavors of service and our chosen art.
> I look forward to further clarification of this issue, and wish you
> both courage and wisdom in your decisions.
> In Service,
> Alaric Styrr
> called Tuhtahl
> Guildmaster, Bryn Gwlad Brewers Vintners and Cordialers Guild
> Treasurer, Barony of Bryn Gwlad, Kingdom of Ansteorra
> Eric Mauer
> Austin Customer Care
> AT&T Wireless Services
> eric.mauer-next at
> "Demented and sad, but social"
> Unless specifically stated otherwise, all statements are my personal
> opinion, and do not represent the SCA, Inc., nor any of its local
> branches

Eric Mauer
Austin Customer Care
AT&T Wireless Services
eric.mauer-next at

"Demented and sad, but social"

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