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Thu Jun 17 14:37:34 PDT 1999

     Greetings, all.
     Am I to understand that Master Rurik recommended that the BoD turn 
     "common sense" into official policy?  8^)
     How will the SCA ever survive such radical concepts?  8^)
     Sorry...I know that was snide.  But I couldn't resist.
     Wohoo...looks like we're back to normal.
     Cheers, everyone.

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Subject: BVC - Policy sent to the BoD (fwd) 
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Date:    6/17/99 2:58 PM

I am forwarding this with permission. This is under *review* by the
BoD and is not final policy. This is being forwarded to let people know 
that progress is being made and what that progress is.
In Service,
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  Note: The views do not reflect the SCA nor the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
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From: Rurik <rurik at>
I received this from  Duke Andrew this afternoon. So, I'm passing it on to 
you. This has already been sent to the BoD for review. It is the results 
of the research done by him and 3 lawyers, all of whom are SCA members.
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