BVC - Policy sent to the BoD (fwd)

Rurik rurik at
Thu Jun 17 15:39:19 PDT 1999

Chuck Graves wrote:

>      Greetings, all.
>      Am I to understand that Master Rurik recommended that the BoD turn
>      "common sense" into official policy?  8^)
>      How will the SCA ever survive such radical concepts?  8^)
>      Sorry...I know that was snide.  But I couldn't resist.
>      Wohoo...looks like we're back to normal.
>      Cheers, everyone.
>      Tadhg

Hey, someone has to be a radical! Remember, this whole thing we call the SCA started with a protest
march down the streets of Berkeley after a party. Just think of this as a return to basics :)


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