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brokk h940114 at stud.kol.su.se
Sat Jun 26 14:03:47 PDT 1999

I once made a mead with a peppermint flavoured tea, it was called Black Mint IIRC.
It was _strongly_ flavoured indeed (it brought tears to my eyes if i sniffed into the bag and ppl who
walked into the room when i had the bag open said it reminded them of toothpaste).
I didn't use 6 bags but 2 bags equivalent (it was sold by weight) and steeped it for 16 hrs in the pot
along with the other spices (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom) and the mead was fermented to
roughly 18-20%.

That was 3 years or so ago and i feel that it's a bit weak in taste as a matter of fact, and no, the
mint flavour isn't ruining everything else, to be honest it's barely noticed in the aftertaste.
Concerning the tannin I'd say it all boils down to the kind of peppermint tea you have.
There are some that are just flavoured/perfumed teas which will add tannins (like the one I used)
and there are herbal teas that will not add any tannins (they are usually teine/caffeine free as well,
look at the label).  If you're uncertain, make a cup of tea and make it STRONG, let it steep for a long
time then without adding sugar, taste it.  You'll feel the tannins after you swallow, in the back of
your mouth.

I'd say go with the recipe and try it, since you have a peppermint flavoured tea I assume you like
peppermint at least to some degree.  The worst thing that can happen is that it has a strong mint
flavour (although I doubt it'll happen).  How long are you supposed to steep the tea according to the
recipe ?
When it comes to the cinnamon part I must agree with Rurik.  Ground cinnamon is so finely ground that
even if you put it small cloth bag it'll (probably) seep out and take a long time to get out.
You'll do much better if you go with whole cinnamon sticks.

Angus MacIomhair.

Rurik wrote:

> OxladeMac at aol.com wrote:
> > I've got a mead recipe that calls for the steeping of 6 bags of Earl Grey tea
> > (probably for the tannins.)  I don't have any Earl Grey, but I do have some
> > peppermint tea.  Would this substitution be bad?  Would the peppermint be too
> > overpowering?
> The peppermint wouldn't add any tannins, which I believe is the only reason for using tea at all.
> The flavor will definitely change the flavor of the mead, so unless you want a peppermint flavoring,
> I'd advise against it. Any black tea would substitute nicely.
> > Also, the recipe calls for whole cinnamon sticks, but all I have is ground
> > cinnamon.  About how much ground cinnamon equals a cinnamon stick?
> >
> Oh. Don't do that. Ground spices are almost impossible to clarify out. Spend the little bit of money
> and get the sticks. Your mead will thank you for it.
> Rurik

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