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Mon Jun 28 06:27:29 PDT 1999

If you use the peppermint, taste the meade daily.  Peppermint, because
of its oil content can intensify in brewing.  Earl gray contains the
flavors of bergamot and orange, this is a far cry from peppermint.  Re: 
cinnamon powder versus sticks.  Powders have a tendency to cloud the
mead while sticks only flavor.  (This has been my experience.)  If you
have a good filtration system, its okay.  But realize that the
distinction in the stick vs. powder is that you can taste the meade
daily and remove the sticks when the flavor is too your liking.  If you
put in too much powder there is little you can do about it.

These are only my opinions an not engraved in stone.


>>> <OxladeMac at> 06/26 4:02 PM >>>
Sorry - Last message got screwed up somehow.  Here is what it should

Is anyone out there this afternoon?  I'm needing some advice

I've got a mead recipe that calls for the steeping of 6 bags of Earl
Grey tea 
(probably for the tannins.)  I don't have any Earl Grey, but I do have
peppermint tea.  Would this substitution be bad?  Would the peppermint
be too 

Also, the recipe calls for whole cinnamon sticks, but all I have is
cinnamon.  About how much ground cinnamon equals a cinnamon stick?

Thanks in advance.

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