BVC - Northern Regional Brew-Day?

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at
Mon Nov 8 06:33:55 PST 1999


> I was wondering, on my LONG car ride home, if there would be 
> any interest in 
> some sort of Northern Regional brewing brewers guild.  We 
> could make some 
> stuff, have a mass tasting session, shoot the bull, ect...  I 
> figured we 
> could pick an unoccupied weekend (snicker, what a funny 
> thought) and have a 
> get-together.   I know Thanksgiving weekend, weekends in 
> December, and the 
> first couple weekends in January always seem to be rather light on my 
> eventing schedule.  Any interest out there?  Any suggestions 
> on what to do to 
> make it attractive/feasible?

It may be farther off than you want but...How about a brewers and vinters
get together at WInterkingdom in Northkeep.  I've spoken with one of the
autocrats and gotten an informal "go for it".  

So, lets hear from the BVC participants in the Northern region.  Do we want
to do a "round table" during classes or a bring it out and try it bull
session after classes, etc.?  

Give me some input and I'll take it to the schedulers.

	Burg Borrendöhl Vinting.
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