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Mon Nov 8 06:53:53 PST 1999

     Great idea but it may take a fair amount of effort.
     Bryn Gwlad is lucky for having several people in a rather small area. 
     The North is a little more spread out.  In the OKC area, we have a 
     handful...especially in Norman. It is the residual core of the Namron 
     brewers guild. The rub is getting them out...and getting them to play 
     with others. 
     I ascribe to the BVC definition of brewing (i.e., there is always a C 
     for cordials.) The other Namron brewers consider cordials nothing more 
     than a mixed drink. We pretty much agree to disagree...but they are 
     family. (Count Finn has managed to pick up [apprentice] three of the 
     four more active brewers in the North...careful, Ox, you may be next.)
     Alexander and Barat are still active as brewers (I counted 12 working 
     carboys yesterday) but rather inactive in the SCA. The latter will 
     change in time...but Barat has SEVERE arthritis and travel is very 
     Ditto for me on the inactive part...but I tend to have bursts of 
     activity over the winter...especially when my stocks start depleting. 
     They also get jockeyed against leather and armor projects.
     I'd be game for the non-holiday weekends. I'll try for Alexander and 
     Barat but no promises.
     As for interests:
        me              everything
        Barat           MEAD and beer
        Alexander       mead and beer
     Not sure about the Tulsa area and I thought Mooneschadowe had a good 

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Subject: BVC - Northern Regional Brew-Day? 
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Date:    11/7/99 9:17 PM

Just returning from Kingdom A&S, I'm really pumped up about brewing.  For a 
while there, I had kind of slacked off.  (Those of you who know me will find 
that statement, er, rather amusing:)  Anyway one of the things the South has, 
especially the Bryn Gwlad area, is an active brewing community.  I don't know 
about you, but I really wish I had other brewers around.  (It's much easier 
to figure out what you're doing wrong if you combine experience with other 
brewers.  They may have already figured out the answers to your 
I was wondering, on my LONG car ride home, if there would be any interest in 
some sort of Northern Regional brewing brewers guild.  We could make some 
stuff, have a mass tasting session, shoot the bull, ect...  I figured we 
could pick an unoccupied weekend (snicker, what a funny thought) and have a 
get-together.   I know Thanksgiving weekend, weekends in December, and the 
first couple weekends in January always seem to be rather light on my 
eventing schedule.  Any interest out there?  Any suggestions on what to do to 
make it attractive/feasible?
Another thing, I have no idea how big the body of brewers in the Northern 
Region is.  I know I've met several of you, but there is always someone 
displaying at XYZ event that I've never heard of, and others that brew but 
don't display.  I'd like to take a census poll of Northern region brewers.  
If you would, please reply with the names, interests (beer, mead, ect..), and 
home groups of all the NR brewers you know, regardless of thier activity 
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