BVC - Northern Brewers OxladeMac at
Mon Nov 8 15:42:48 PST 1999

OK, here's the list of people I know of so far that can be counted as 
"northern" brewers, regardless of wether they are active or not.  This is the 
list of potential attendees to any sort of northern symposium, discussion, 

Oxlade      Mostly beers, working on meads and wines
Jean Paul   Mostly meads
Hamlin      Entirely meads
Angus       Thinking about doing meads
Brendon Dabbled in both beers and meads.  Wants to be more active
Leanna      Meads
Moira       Meads

Damon       Meads and fruit wines
Thorvald    Meads
Mercedees   cordials

Tadhg       Beers + Meads
Barat       Meads + beers
Alexander   Meads + beers

jdl (Who are you jdl?  What's your SCA name?)
Magdalena   Meads, fruit wines

Anyone know of anyone else?  Now that I list them out, there aren't as many 
as I thought there were - unless you all know of others.

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