BVC - Northern Regional Brew-Day?

Carl Chipman cchipman at
Mon Nov 8 16:19:17 PST 1999

Count me in too.  Although I am hearing rumbings of some war tactics classes, so I might be a bit torn between the two

"war war war ... ummm I mean brew brew brew... no no no war war war...." , sigh decisions :-)

Jean Paul de Sens

Carl Chipman
Nomadics, Inc.
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On Monday, November 08, 1999 5:33 PM, OxladeMac at [SMTP:OxladeMac at] wrote:
> In a message dated 11/8/99 8:29:04 AM Central Standard Time, 
> hughn at writes:
> << It may be farther off than you want but...How about a brewers and vinters
>  get together at WInterkingdom in Northkeep.  I've spoken with one of the
>  autocrats and gotten an informal "go for it".  
>  So, lets hear from the BVC participants in the Northern region.  Do we want
>  to do a "round table" during classes or a bring it out and try it bull
>  session after classes, etc.?   >>
> Good idea!  I had thought about possibly doing it at Northern Regional, but 
> thought that the schedule would be too crowded.  Interkingdom, assuming the 
> site will allow it, seems like an ideal time.
> Ox
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