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Tue Nov 9 06:09:20 PST 1999

     Wouldn't that make you, jtth instead?  8^)
     Oxlade, add fruit wines, cordials, vinegars, and exotics for mine.
     ps. anybody got a good recipe for elderberry?

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Subject: Re: BVC - Northern Brewers  
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Date:    11/8/99 9:15 PM

So, like OxladeMac at was saying to me just the other day:
> OK, here's the list of people I know of so far that can be counted as 
> "northern" brewers, regardless of wether they are active or not.  This is the 
> list of potential attendees to any sort of northern symposium, discussion, 
> ect...
> Steppes
> jdl (Who are you jdl?  What's your SCA name?)
Ah, a good mystery, that! :-)  In these current middle ages, 
that would be Lord John the Tall of Three Hawks, owner of the
longest known hang time between device submission and acceptance! 
(Two kingdoms and almost a decade.)
Put me down as beer proficient, mead experimental, and a 
wine neophyte.
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